It's our hope that the music and creative expression at Transformation Centre would captivate you, draw you in and prepare your heart to encounter Jesus.


Audio is a critical part of making each service happen. There are so many different aspects to making a great sounding church experience. Setting up the stage instruments and patching, testing, rehearsals, mixing the band, and making sure that the message is clear and understandable are simply necessities.


When it comes to services, it’s not just what you hear but what you see, and one aspect of that is Lighting. Transformation Centre uses many different intelligent and conventional lighting fixtures to not just practically illuminate a service, but artistically enhance it.


Another major visual piece for services is video content. It could be advertisements for special events, or dramatic or thematic video elements to enhance sermons or services. Church is a multimedia experience, and video production is a key part of making that successful.

Stage Design

Our Stage Design Team is always looking for people with a creative eye and a crafty hand! This team designs and creates the stage sets for weekend services and special events. If you have painting, decorating, sculpting or any other artistic experience, this is the team for you.

Music & Vocals

Worship is part of who we are. Our worship team works diligently to provide a powerful, real encounter with Jesus through corporate worship.

Graphic Design

Graphics are a vital part of the churches media presence. Whether it’s marketing an upcoming event or series, or branding an entire ministry.